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Sara Evans

In Person



July 25, 2003
Royal Oak Theatre in Royal Oak, MI

I arrived at the Royal Oak Theatre about 6:15. The doors were to open at 7:00 and the show was to start at 8:00. Once I got in, I went over to the merchandise counter to get my meet & greet pass. Craig, the guy who sells the merchandise (and is also the webmaster of Sara’s site and co-manager of her fan club) was really nice. He made sure everyone knew where to go for the meet & greet. I also bought a poster and photo of Sara. At 7:45, it was time to go line up at the left side of the stage for the M&G. They decided to have it outside, so around 8:00, they had everyone go outside and line up on the side of the building. Towards the end of the line was a DJ from the local radio station. I learned that the night shifts are pre-recorded! Sara’s tour manager came out and explained the procedure. He also joked that if she goes into labor, the line would have to be cut short. At around 8:20, a van pulled up to where we were. The driver and Craig (Sara’s husband) got out of the front, and Sara got out of the back. She started signing stuff and taking pictures right away. I had her sign the poster that I bought (you are only allowed to have one item signed). After I had my picture taken with her, I told her that some people are starting to believe her story about getting married at 13. She laughed and said, “Good…then they’ll think I’m 23.” I told her that she looks 23, and she said “Thank you!”